Coordinated Family Services

Next Gen Education

Educating the next generation on the responsibilities that are associated with inheriting wealth and providing practical strategies for “keeping them hungry”

Estate Plan

Working with families and their estate attorney to monitor & update all aspects of their estate and trust planning.


Collaborating with the family’s tax advisor to adequately address all income and tax liabilities.


Providing an objective risk assessment of the family’s insurance coverage

College Savings

Helping families prepare and save for education


Coordinating banking and lending opportunities for families when and if the needs arise


Coordinating legal services for a multitude of personal and business reasons


Providing structure and perspective as to how “giving back” can be done within the context of the overall wealth plan

Asset/Liability Management

Asset Allocation

Using a quantitative approach to portfolio design, considering such specific client factors as investment objectives, liquidity, cash flow needs, tax status, philanthropic goals, and human capital
Developing an investment policy and guidelines for the various entities within an estate plan
Leveraging our ability to research, select and monitor active managers in less efficient asset classes, including alternative investments

Retirement Planning

Analyzing the timing and allocation of funds to smooth the transition from employment to retirement

Risk Management

Managing the dynamic risk between family assets and future liabilities using a long-term optimization model

Income Generation

Providing income solutions to families no longer maximizing their human capital

Tax Management

Utilizing qualified accounts and loss harvesting throughout the year can provide significant after-tax benefits

Asset Location

Strategy used to locate certain holdings that are deemed less tax efficient

Portfolio Rebalancing

Adhering to the investment policy and guidelines for a consistent and diligent approach to maintaining the appropriate long run strategy