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We don't see a pair of worn out shoes.

We see years of hard work worth protecting.

Roble Belko & Company

Roble Belko & Company is an investment advisory firm located in Pittsburgh, PA offering wealth and risk management services for high net worth individuals, families, and small institutions. We believe in the fundamental principle that investment diversification leads to capital preservation over the long run. Our investment strategies cater best to clients who want to preserve and enhance their assets through a holistic approach and seek to cultivate deep relationships with their advisors.

Whether for a family or institution, our disciplined process is centered on an asset-liability management framework to provide long run solutions toward their objectives. This approach relies on a proprietary risk management system developed as a result of several decades of capital markets experience. For families we further overlay a coordinated service offering to drive a transparent and integrated wealth management platform across various important aspects of their lives.

Our Holistic Service Offering


Our Principals have over sixty years of combined experience in the investment industry. Our Team is homegrown and also comes predominantly from prior careers in the institutional markets. They have worked their way toward advanced degrees and certifications such that they are best prepared to add value for our clients. This is important, since we believe very much in a team oriented approach to our client service delivery model.


We have developed an investment process well suited for institutional clientele, however we utilize the same disciplined process for our family clients. Given our fiduciary obligation to our clients, we’ve incorporated many different risk management tools into our process. Investment decisions are driven via a healthy combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis, some of which can be attributed to our years of experience in the investment industry.


We have custom built the key systems we use for our investment process, including our proprietary risk management system and our investment model. In our desire to be as transparent as possible, we have customized a financial dashboard with daily feeds of various investment metrics we utilize as advisors and portfolio managers. This technology has further enhanced the client experience, while creating greater efficiencies in the delivery of information and service.

Our Clients



Family. Assets. Lifestyle. Legacy.

Roble Belko & Company serves as a financial advisor to a select group of entrepreneurs, business owners and executives who, with limited exceptions, have a minimum of $3 million in investable assets. Our clients are typically, but not always, first generation wealth creators who desire a diversified and disciplined investment approach seeking superior results over the long run. By working with a controlled number of clients, we are able to provide a holistic service offering which emphasizes an integrated wealth management approach for the whole family.


Roble, Belko & Company also works with small institutions that otherwise cannot get the attention of the larger service providers. These mandates span from traditional asset allocation strategies to more sophisticated asset/liability management and cash matching strategies. Again, by working with a select number of mandates, we can provide these clients a level of service they deserve.

Our Services


Asset/Liability Management

  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Asset Allocation
  • Income Generation
  • Tax Management
  • Asset Location
  • Portfolio Rebalancing

Coordinated Family Services

  • Next Gen Education
  • Estate Plan
  • Tax
  • Insurance
  • College Savings
  • Banking
  • Legal
  • Philanthropy


Asset Management

  • Custom solutions to better align assets with program funding needs
  • Combined multi-decade capital market experience
  • Independent manager evaluation and oversight

Risk Management

  • Ongoing monitoring and oversight through a proprietary risk model
  • Scenario testing and modeling to manage risks and support financial decisions

Our Technology

View a customized Client Dashboard from any device

  • View net worth snap shots at the click of a button
  • Access up-to-date investment and portfolio summaries
  • Organize and archive important financial documents

Our Mission

To provide families and mission based organizations a structure and process for meeting their long term objectives, furthering the impact of their financial, social, and philanthropic endeavors.


  We serve as a financial advisor to a select number of clients

  We provide our clients independent, objective advice from an open architecture platform

  We offer direct access to the principals and decision makers of our firm

  We work with our clients’ other trusted professionals (tax, accounting and legal) to create an investment strategy that is tax and risk optimized

  We are committed to providing a transparent wealth management service, which includes educating our clients on every aspect of their wealth plan

  We developed a proprietary risk management system and offer a personalized financial dashboard

  Our principals together have over six decades of institutional and private client investment experience in the equity, fixed income and alternative investment markets

What is Preservation?

To us, preservation means ultimate protection – safeguarding a lifetime of investments, decisions, propositions and dreams. We often find that the concentration of risk is what creates the wealth, while the diversification preserves it. By providing our clients with a disciplined wealth management style, we never stray from the ultimate goal of wealth preservation.

Risk Management

Often times our clients have successfully passed the riskier stages of their business ventures, and have had the good fortune of a liquidity event.  As their financial advisor, we provide our clients an appropriate game plan and tools to navigate investment risk and a plan that seeks to satisfy their retirement and philanthropic objectives.

Our Team

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